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Simple Notary Guidelines for Indiana

While some states can be quite complex and detailed in their notary stamp/seal instructions, Indiana is one of the few states that is very simple and accepts a generic format.  They allow the individual commissioned to the position represent rather than relying heavily on the stamped image that is attached to the documents.  That is not to say that they don’t have any requirement but they are minimal and are usually met by the generic template that the majority of vendors utilize.

If you are a brand new notary in Indiana then you need to ensure that you understand the process and the tools before performing any transactions.  The regulatory agency has the right to audit your records at any time so you need to ensure that these are kept for the required amount of time in an organized manner and that your stamp/seal is correct for the duration of your term.  If standards change before your renewal then you need to know what the expectations are for either being ‘grandfathered’ in from the old system or purchasing an updated stamp in the new format.

Ink Stamp or SEAL Embosser? It's your choice!

Indiana states that either ink stamps or embossing seals can be used as long as they can be reproduced when the documentation is copied. If using an embosser, be sure to use a Seal Inker to be compliant.  There is no specific standard on color but blue or black are the normal professional options.  The recommended seal size is 1-5/8” and both stamp and seal must have the word “Seal” along with the notary’s name, “Notary Public” and “State of Indiana”.  The county name is optional not mandatory. 


When it comes time to place your notary supplies order it is important to find the best vendor in the industry so that you can be assured of getting quality products that will last for thousands of impressions. The manufacturer should have a wide range of inventory options so that you can pick those items that meet your functional needs and everything should be priced affordably. Of course, it always helps to buy products in packages, kits or collections so check these options out online and see what kind of deals that you can get by thinking ahead. The notary public record book is a standard item that every notary should have in their possession so make sure that this is purchased at the beginning. This helps to keep your records organized and neat especially after you have been in the position for a longer period of time.


It doesn’t matter whether you obtained your commission as part of your job description or on a personal level because every stamp is unique to the individual whose name it bears. Make sure that you represent the state in the best manner possible through your actions and with the display of clear and accurate images on every document that you process.