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Hybrid Notary Embossing Seal

New Hybrid Notary Embossing Seal

1/2 Handheld

1/2 Desk

A Portable Notary Seal

and two choices of colors, Black or


hybrid pink

With features and a design that have never been seen before in the industry, our hybrid embosser is sure to raise the bar for standard embossers. These stunning hybrid embossers have the size and portability of a pocket embosser but also the comfort of a desk embosser model. Packed with ingenious features designed specifically for the end-user, like a clear signal when the impression is made properly on the paper as you will hear it "CLICK" and positioning marks that were designed to help you with perfect impression alignment. Minimal effort is needed to create a crisp and professional notary seal on documents since this hybrid notary seal press can be used with minimal effort.

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Pink Hybrid Embossing Seal

Pink Hybrid Notary Embossing Seal

This pink hybrid notary embossing seal is the perfect addition to a notary's toolbox. With an ergonomic handle and bright color, it's sure to make your day as a notary a brighter. 

This hybrid embosser has a smaller reach and a multi-positional gripped handle allowing even the most petite hands to find a comfortable position to create a stunning impression. Every aspect of this embossing seal was created with the end-user in mind - This hybrid notary seal is our most customer-friendly embosser yet! 

  • Fun, pink handle and insert
  • Insert comes pre-marked making it a breeze to take the clip out and insert it back in correctly
  • Insert has positioning marks assuring the perfect placement of your seal every time
  • A defining "CLICK" feature which alerts you when your seal has been perfectly embossed into your document
  • State Board Guaranteed
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy to carry 
  • Arrives in a leatherette pouch right to your door step
Black Hybrid Notary Embossing Seal

Black Hybrid Notary Embossing Seal

Dress up your desk with this professional black hybrid notary embossing seal. Sure to impress your clients, this embosser will give you an added touch of sophistication when notarizing a document. 

The integration of leverage and shape on this hybrid embosser requires less force to produce a clean impression every time. This hybrid embosser has a smaller reach and a multi-positional gripped handle allowing hands of all sizes to find a comfortable position while embossing.

  • Elegant and ergonomic design
  • Redesigned handle requires less pressure than traditional seals
  • Lifetime product warranty
  • State Board guaranteed
  • Clip comes labeled to assure simple insertion and removal as well as with perfect placement technology
  • Elegant, crisp impressions every time
  • Will arrive to your destination in a sleek leatherette pouch for easy storing

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