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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's face it - online ordering can be confusing. That's why Notary Supplies Online has created such a simple and easy site to use when ordering Notary Supplies! Some questions are inevitable - even we ask them when ordering goods online! Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions. Hopefully you will find all of your answers here.

Still having issues? Please do not hesitate to shoot us an email or give us a quick call. We are always happy to help!

Notary Public FAQ's

Here you will find a collection of questions frequently asked by our notaries. Requirements for notaries vary by state. If you have any questions regarding your specific state and its seal, you may want to review your state board's handbook or contact us.

What is the difference between an embossed seal and a seal stamp?

Embossers or seals raise the surface of the paper to make an impression. Without using ink, an embosser will crimp the paper. An embossed impression is not photographically reproducible so you may want to check with your state requirements to see if a Seal Inker would be a smart addition to your purchase.

Seal stamps make a stamped ink impression on the paper. All seal stamps are photographically reproducible. 

What does photographically reproducible mean?

Some states require your notary seal to be photographically reproducible - or able to be photocopied and/or faxed. Many states suggest or even require seal stamps compared to embossed seals. Check with your state board to find out which product is best and lawful for you. 

Confused by state board's notary handbook? Shoot us an email or give us a call. We would be happy to go over state requirements with you to assure your product will not be rejected. 

What is the difference between Regular Rubber, Self-Inking & Pre-Inked Stamps?

Notary Supplies Online offers a variety of different notary stamps to best fit your needs. 

Regular Rubber Stamps with wood handles are our most economical choice. Regular Rubber hand stamps do require the use of a separate ink pad to make impressions on paper.

Self-Inking Stamps have a flipping mechanism that allows for a crisp impression on paper every time. Just by pushing down, the rubber die is flipped to touch the built-in ink pad and flips back down when touched to paper resulting in an impression on the document. 

Pre-Inked Stamps Stamps have the ink fashioned right into the wording. With just a simple press to paper, your notary seal will appear unblemished on paper. Pre-Inked Stamps are eco-friendly and can be re-inked for thousands of impressions without the use of a replacement ink pad.


What is a die?

A die is the main component of an embosser or rubber stamp that has your personalized notary information. The image and information that is on your die is what appears on paper.

An embosser die is made from Delrin. Delrin is the brand name for a rugged acetal resin polymer invented by the DuPont Company in 1952. Rather than metal, Delrin allows us to cut costs - but not corners - to bring you products that are reliable, sturdy and cost effective. 

A rubber stamp's die is made from high quality red rubber. Your rubber dies are skillfully crafted and cut to meet your individual needs.

All dies produced by Notary Supplies Online are created using the latest advancements in technology. Your dies are handcrafted not only by our precision lasers but by skilled members of our staff as well. 

What information do you need to create my stamp?

With varying terms such as commission number, registration number and even notary ID number, determining what needs to go on your notary stamp can be difficult. We are here to help!

In order to create a seal that will be acceptable to your state board we will need the following information:

1. Your name as it appears on your certificate or acceptance letter.
If your middle initial appears on your certificate instead of your full middle name, please enter it as it has been displayed on your certificate. This minute variance could result in your seal being rejected.

2. Commission Number / Notary ID / Registration Number
Some states require your commission number to be on your stamp. If your state is one that requires such, please enter in your commission number when ordering. Commission numbers are also referred to as notary ID's or registration numbers. If you cannot find your number on your certificate you may be a notary public of a state that does not issue them. 

3. Commission Expiration Date
Almost all notaries have expiration dates of their commission. Please supply us with your commission expiration date if you would like it to appear on your seal. In many instances, certain states allow for blank lines. This allows you to write in your expiration date, decreasing the amount of times you will need to order a new embosser or stamp. 

When in doubt - check with your state board, your notary handbook or contact us. We would be happy to run through your state specifications with you to assure that you receive a usable notary stamp. 

I need a replacement insert. How can I make sure it's the correct insert for my embosser?

Different embossers require different replacement inserts. If you are unable to identify the type of insert needed by pictures, please contact us. Failure to identify an incorrect insert before insertion in to your existing embosser may bend your new insert. If your new insert is bent it will not make a crisp imprint nor will it be covered by our warranty.  

Ordering FAQ's

I don't feel comfortable ordering online. Can I call in an order?

Unfortunately, per company policy, we cannot take orders over the phone. We must have all information requested to appear on your seal or stamp in writing before production. 

If you are having issues with the check out process or cannot get your card to go through, please give us a call. We would be happy to walk you through the process online. In some cases, we may accept orders via email but ALL information appearing on the product MUST be in writing - period. 

We genuinely apologize for the inconveniences our company's policy may bring you, but we have found that less mistakes are made while reading rather than hearing. We take our commitment to send you accurate and high quality products in a timely fashion very seriously. 

Did my order go through?

Our website will generate a personalized order number for you. You will receive this order number in a confirmation email once you have successfully placed your order. 

Your card will be charged within 24 hours of placing the order so online statements may not always be the best place for confirmation of order immediately. 

If you are experiencing issues with getting your card to go through or if you are unsure if your order has been processed/not receiving our emails, please contact us. 

Can I make changes or cancel my order after it is placed?

Unfortunately, the answer to this FAQ varies:

You can make changes to or cancel your order ONLY if your products have not gone in to production.

If a misspelling or issue arises, please contact as soon as possible so that we can make the adjustments to your order. If you are only ordering non-personalized stock items, you may cancel any time before they are shipped out. 

If your products are personalized and have already been produced, you may not cancel or change your order. Please pay close attention to spelling when entering in your information to our order forms. 


I accidentally entered my mailing address or contact info incorrectly. What happens now?

With the evolution of our computers' memory, sometimes it's easier to just keep your billing and shipping information saved on your computer's AutoFill feature. AutoFill can cause a lot of issues especially if you have recently changed your personal billing or shipping information. Please try to refrain from using AutoFill or carefully review the information entered. 

Should you accidentally enter in the wrong shipping address, please do contact us as soon as possible. We would hate for your products to be incorrectly shipped! If your products are still in our warehouse the revision of information is simple. If your products have already been shipped out there may be a fee associated with updating the information (depending on your chosen shipping courier) or we may have to wait until your order has been returned to us before re-sending to an updated address.


When will my order ship?

We are online consumers as well and treat your order as if it was something we personally ordered online. With that in mind, Notary Supplies Online is devoted to making sure that your turnaround time is within 24-48 hours on most products. Stock items usually ship within the same day. Once your item has been shipped, you will receive a shipment confirmation from our shipping department with tracking information within 24-48 hours of shipment.