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Seal Inkers


It is important to inquire if your embossed seal must be photographically reproducible with your State Board. Some states will require you to use a Seal Inker to authenticate your embossed notary seal. Using a seal inker not only helps stay within state guidelines, but also deters against fraudulent uses and tampering of notarial seals. Whether your state requires the use of a Seal Inker or not, it is a wise addition to your notary supplies. A notary Seal Inker also allows documents with an embossed seal to be easily photocopied or faxed which is especially useful when your client is out of town. 


If you prefer using a traditional notary embosser, using a Seal Inker is an ingenious and mess-free way to make your embossed seal photographically reproducible. A Seal Inker is easy to use and with just a simple push your embossed seal is instantly inked. Our lightweight Seal Inkers are great for notaries that prefer the feel of a raised seal from a traditional embosser. Seal Inkers are primarily used in states that allow the use of an embossed notary seal but require a photographically reproducible seal. 

  • The Seal Inker is a blank self-inking stamp that can be used in conjunction with an embosser to create a seal that can be photocopied or faxed
  • Our self-inking Seal Inkers are good for thousands of impressions without a need to reink the built-in ink pads
  • A hassle and mess-free alternative to create a photographically reproducible embossed seal
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Guaranteed to fit all state seals

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