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Notary Seals


The notary seals we produce are known for creating excellent impressions with a perfect finish. All products are in compliance with state set standards.

Notary Stamps


We make lightweight and quality constructed notary stamps that simplify the art of stamping. Our Notary Stamps are available in a variety of different implementations.

Notary Supplies


Our cutting edge technology and high quality materials empower us to produce reliable, long lasting and cost effective notary supplies needed to carry out your job.

New Feature Notary Products

New Hybrid Embossers


Get ready for a fresh experience when using our new Hybrid Embossers. Rather than blindly sending the products out to you, we thoroughly test them for quality control assurance before delivery. 

SuperSlim Stamp

This fine Pre-Inked Notary Stamp has a sleek, compact design that can fit easily in to a purse, pocket or briefcase. Our SuperSlim stamps are available in 8 exciting colors.


Notary Journal

 It is our goal to help you look professional and have the tools and resources to match your position and responsibility. Our Notary Journal is an important must-have for all notaries.

Why Shop With Us for your Notary Supplies?

Our range is diverse when it comes to notary products; we have notary stamps and notary seals that are our best products with an innovative touch and full functionality created in an eco-friendly manner and we also provide other unique notary supplies like hybrid seal embossers, notary journals, etc. Our collection of notary stamps and notary seals are unparalleled in terms of innovative, usability, and quality.We look to keep expanding our inventory with new and amazing products for your use. Be it office use or any other functionality you require, our notary supplies are just what you need.

Super Fast Service

Most custom notary orders ship in 24-48 hours.

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Stellar Customer Service

We're here to help in anyway we can!

Eco Friendly

Our Slim Stamps & PSI Pre-Inked Stamps are Eco Friendly Stamps!

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Made in USA

All Stamp and Seals are assembled in USA, Slim Stamps are 100% made in the USA

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Lifetime Seal Warranty

Our Embossers come backed with a lifetime warranty!


Along with our products, you're sure to enjoy our extremely fast order shipping and delivery service! We work hard to try and deliver all custom orders within 24 to 48 hours, serving you with notary supplies as quickly as possible. We are proud to claim that all our products are manufactured in USA using top quality raw materials and manufacturing processes all the while integrating green, environmental friendly solutions to the products.

We want you to have the best and most enjoyable notary supplies buying experience with Notary Supplies Online. Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives are ready to cater to all your needs and concerns so that you don’t experience a single issue!  Whether you are in search of specific notary supplies that you cannot find or have some questions regarding your online purchase, feel free to get in touch with us anytime. We are proud to serve you with a range of notary supplies that are top notch in all aspects. 


We're here to help you with your notary supplies! 

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