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Hand Held Notary Seal Embosser

hand held notary seal embosser

This Hand Held Notary Seal Embosser comes with a lifetime warranty and is guaranteed to meet all state specifications for notary supplies. 

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handheld embosser

Seal Embosser

If you are a traditionalist, an embosser is the most classic way to notarize a document. Many states still allow the use of a seal and many encourage the use of an embosser in conjunction with an ink stamp.

This Hand Held Notary Seal Embosser is ideal for 20-40 lb paper and for notaries who only need to reach 1 1/2" from the paper's edge. Simple and sleek, this embosser is a great tool to be used by almost any notary.

  • Embosser handle and insert made from sturdy, chrome-plated nickel
  • Heavy-duty and durable plastic dies made from Delrin
  • State Board Approved
  • Small and Compact 
  • Comes with a leatherette pouch that makes it a great portable tool for all notaries
  • Impression Sizes per state vary from 1-5/8" to 2" in diameter
  • Most economical choice for an embossing seal

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Sending your documents over seas?

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