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Seal Impression Inker Demo – Notary Seal Inker

A Seal Impression Inker can be a very helpful tool when using your embossing seal as it simply puts a dot of ink on the embossed or raised image that you’ve just produced from your embosser. If you are notary commissioned in a state where your seal needs to be photographically reproducible meaning it needs to be able to be photocopied then an impression inker will help to make your seal be compliant. 

Notary Seal Impression Inkers

It is really easy to use a seal impression inker. First, you would simply use your embosser, make the impression. Then, you’re going to place the Impression Inker over the raised image, press down and the ink is applied to the embossed image on the paper. Once you have inked your embossed image, it is now photographically reproducible.

The trick is you need to make sure you have a good, deep embossed image so that you can get a clean inked image. It is important to have a deep embossed image before you ink over. For example, if you have a very faint image and try to press down with your inker you will have a smudgy mess. This happens because there is not enough of the image raised so it is essentially inking everything in the circle.

Seal Impression Inkers come in a couple of style both the self-inking style as well as a slim style which is great for the notary on the go. Impression Inkers are wonderful to use in conjunction with your embosser to make sure that all of your embossed images are also able to be photocopied.