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Online Ordering for Notary Tools and Accessories

There are several reasons why you should shop for your notary supplies online. It is matter of convenience, affordability and the freedom to get what you want from the best company no matter where they are located. Becoming a notary is a big responsibility and you need to have the quality tools to match the professional image that the position requires.


know what your state requires

Before placing the order, you need to read your state's notary handbook to understand what your state standards are for the notary stamp and/or seal. It is also very important to find out how your state would like you to go about documenting all of you transactions.

The most common items needed for a notary public are stamps or embossing seals, blue or black ink and the notary public record book which is where all the transactions are entered by the individual. This book is mandatory for most of the states so vendors offer a standard format for this item that includes columns for all the pertinent information. Users are able to easily write down the information in an organized manner which is great if there is ever an audit or when the record book is turned in for archiving purposes.

Tools for a South Dakota Notary

In South Dakota, the notary can use either a stamp or seal on the documents but the image must contain their official name, “South Dakota”, and “Notary Public” with a border surrounding the image. If a stamp is used then it must also contain the word “Seal” as a formality and the expiration date must be separate. While some guidelines are very clear about what is mandatory and what is not, there are some that may need clarification before you order your tool. You should always direct questions to the governing authority and then work with the best manufacturer for the generation of the image.

The majority of vendors have several options available that meet the state’s requirements in order to give users a choice based on preference. You can also ask for a proof image before finalizing the order just to validate that everything is correct. This is your unique image that will be applied to hundreds of documents during the length of your term so you want it to be correct and professional from the start.

Take advantage of notary kits that may be available so you can purchase the stamp, seal, ink and notary public record book all at the same time and save yourself money along the way! The best accessories are those that leave clear impressions every time that they are used.