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Tennessee Notary Accessory Guidelines

The notary public position serves a vital role within its area because individuals are able to validate signatures on applicable paperwork and administer oaths as necessary. This relieves some of the burden on the governing agency and allows individuals to have something to put on their resume as well. It is extremely important to ensure that you understand all the regulations and guidelines that go along with this position so that you can fulfill the duties accurately and correctly.

The notary stamp is one of the most important tools as well as the record book where all transactions are documented during the appointment term. You can easily find these items for purchase through online vendors that specialize in notary tools and have them sent directly to your location. Before you finalize the order it is always a good idea to view a proof image so that you can verify the image against what the state requires.

Tennessee's ink and shape requirements

In Tennessee, most guidelines for notaries are pretty standard except for the use of specific ink colors. Tennessee specifically states that black and yellow are not permitted to be used. Most states prefer blue or black ink but in this case, the state wants a color used that can be photographically reproduced when copied but does not look like a copy when it is the original. This is a smart way of easily distinguishing the two sets of documents but because it is unusual the requirement may be missed by the individual. Top quality manufacturers conduct the necessary research ahead of time to ensure that they only offer acceptable products to their customers but it is always best to check it yourself. The image itself must be on a round ink stamp with the notary’s name at the top, county name at the bottom with “Tennessee Notary Public” being in the center.

No matter how simple or complex the requirements are it is absolutely necessary to remain in compliance with them and to find out if your state requires you to purchase a new notary stamp when the standards change. Tennessee allows their users to keep using their current tools until the appointment term expires and then they need to purchase an updated image.