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Vermont’s Simple Approach to Notary Stamps

While some states are complex and very detailed about how they want their notaries to represent them via the stamp or seal image, other states are less stringent. Vermont is one of these states where neither the notary stamp nor the embossing seal are required to be used. This makes it one of the easiest and most affordable places (tool wise) to become a notary.

vermont notaries: stamp vs. seal

Since the use and format of a notary stamp or seal is so vague in the state of Vermont, it is up to your discretion to select the most efficient product for your notarial transactions.

It is also important to note that just because your state of residence may not mandate the use of the notary seal on their documents does not mean that you should not have one on hand. The majority of other states do require the use of either the stamp or seal so having at least one of these options available can prove to be very useful. There are no guidelines given as to what the image should or should not contain so this is left up to the discretion of the manufacturer.

Since vendors deal with Vermont notary products on a regular basis and are familiar with their standards, you may have several basic options to choose from that give the generic information common to most notaries. This would include your name, “Notary Public”, state and/or county name, commission expiration date and number. Remember that you do not have to have all of this and even some of this is sufficient when utilizing a notary seal embosser.

Notary Journals and their importance

One item that is definitely standard across every location is the use of the notary public record book which gives you a place to document all your transactions. This is necessary in the event that documentation is challenged or an audit of your paperwork is requested. The notary will usually order this along with their other supplies if their selected vendor has them available to purchase. This streamlines the process and is much more cost efficient when more is needed!