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Stamp Requirements for Utah Notaries

Get to know your state specifications before you order your supplies

In Utah, the notary public is given a set of strict standards for the stamp image and expected to adhere to these in order to ensure that all their transactions are viable and stand up in the event of a challenge. It is never wise to assume that your previous and current state have the same set of standards and in just about every case, you will need to be commissioned by the new state of residence and order new tools and accessories.

Purchasing notary supplies is not difficult and when you utilize the services of quality vendors, it can be accomplished quickly and without very little hassle. The majority of manufacturers that create these products already have the states’ requirements on file and they update it every so often just to ensure that everything is still correct. It is the responsibility of the user to verify that what they are purchasing is validated against the governing authority’s information especially because their name is on that image.


Utah is unique in that it actually mandates that notaries must use purple ink on their ink stamp which helps to separate the original from any copies that are generated. An embossing seal can be used in conjunction with the rectangular rubber stamp but cannot be used on its own since the image must be visible on photocopies. Another safeguard that some states require and that is always a good idea is that vendors cannot sell Utah notary supplies to any individual who has not first submitted a legal verification of their appointment. This protects both parties and keeps the potential for fraud down to a minimum. The image itself must contain the notary’s name as it appears on the certificate, “Notary Public”, “State of Utah” and “My Commission Expires on (expiration date) along with the Commission number and the Great Seal of Utah.

When you have the right tools created by the best in the business you can be assured that every impression and image you leave on documents is professional looking and clear. Get your supplies ordered today and start performing notarial transactions for those in your area!