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Stamp Options for Maine Notaries

The position of Maine notary public is important and should be treated with respect and professionalism. When you elect to use the best tools and resources then you are enhancing your ability to accomplish this in the best way possible and encouraging others to view it in the same way. Check for an online vendor that can provide you with all the supplies you need to get the job done and leave a great impression every time!

Maine Notaries Must Be In Compliance With State-Set Standards

As a public notary for the state of Maine there are no mandatory requirements for you to use a stamp or seal as long as you follow the guidelines laid out in the regulations. This usually means that all the information will need to be handwritten which is an ‘okay’ method if you only perform this function periodically. However, if being a notary is part of your overall job description then you may want to consider the affordable investment in a stamp or seal.

If you choose to order these helpful tools from an online, you will need to verify that the vendor meets the following standards for the image requirements: The ink stamp or embossing seal must contain your name as it appears on the certificate, “Notary Public” and either the Maine state seal or “Maine” or “ME”. The wording is preferred but the option is left open for the manufacturer and individual when placing the order. This leaves room for a variety of formats and tools to choose from due to the minimal restrictions and the more information on the image then the less you have to write.

In addition to the stamp and seal there is another required item that should be high on your order list and that is the notary public’s record book. Every state mandates that notary transactions must be documented at the time that they are accomplished in order to be reviewed or audited at a later point. This is for the protection of both parties and to discourage abuse and misuse of the position since it is commissioned by a state agency. Vendors usually offer packages and kits where this book is included in a general format so that all the information is documented in an organized manner and easy to review.

Purchasing Notary Supplies Online

If you need to order notary supplies then it is best to start with an online vendor that specializes in stamps, seals, books, ink pads and other relevant accessories. Online notary supplies vendors can be easily found by using the top search engines. Start by typing in the state-specific keywords which will then gives you a long list of vendors to choose from. You need to ensure that whichever manufacturer you work with has the most current standards for each state, a solid reputation for quality materials and products and can deliver in a timely manner.