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Michigan Requirements for Notary Supplies

There are quite a few states that do not require the use of a notary stamp or seal but make provisions if one is used by the commissioned individual. In these cases, the notary is required to write all of the necessary information as laid out in the individual state regulations. On the one hand, this means that the individual does not have to spend the money on a stamp or seal but on the other it means a lot of writing. Contrary to popular belief, notary supplies are very affordable and easy to purchase from top quality vendors that specialize in these images and accessories.

Photographically reproducible seals

Michigan requires that any notary image must be photographically reproducible so if an embossing seal is used then ink must be applied before it goes on paper. The rubber ink stamp is a more common tool because it is simple and can contain all the necessary information in a variety of formats. The mandatory wording includes the notary’s name as it appears on their certificate, “Notary Public”, “State of Michigan”, County of _____”, My commission expires _____” and “Acting in the County of ____”. The last statement only needs to be filled out if you notarize a document outside of your commissioning county, otherwise it remains blank. This is a large amount of information so the vendor you use must be able to put it all together in a professional and clean manner to enhance the authority of the position.

It is important to remember that when this image is applied to the documentation that it does not obscure or cover any signatures or important information on the paperwork. This tool is meant to assist and not detract from the notary’s authority and sworn duty so it must be used in the proper manner to consider the transaction authorized.

Proof OF IMAGE: A Requirement You Should Have For An Online Vendor

When you choose to place your order it is important to ensure that you validate the vendor’s image against the requirements of the state you are commissioned in. Notaries looking for a Michigan notary stamp will find that the image has a fair amount of wording and blanks that must be filled in as necessary. When you are placing the order you can ask to view a proof image to validate the impression before it goes to production which helps to ensure that you are using an approved tool and resource. Also, check out your vendor's wide range of kit and package options that are offered at different levels so you can get everything in one purchase instead of buying it individually. This is much more cost effective and should include the notary public record book for documenting transactions in case of an audit or review.

Every transaction must then be recorded in the record book including what identification was presented to the notary, names, dates and other relevant information. This protects both parties in case an investigation is performed or the transaction is called into question for whatever reason. When you start looking into this position it is vital that you review all the material and resources available so that you understand what is expected in this role and how best to satisfy the requirements. By ordering quality tools from a reliable vendor, you are already starting off on the right foot and can be assured that you will leave clean and professional impressions every time it is applied to paper.