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Importance of Notary Documentation and Tools

When you elect to become a notary public, the first step you take is to learn all you can about the position. You will very quickly see that having the right tools, following the guidelines and documenting your transactions are key points that must be adhered to. Since every state is different, you will always need to review the regulations even if you have held this position in your previous state for several years.

Recording Notarial Transactions Is Crucial

Almost everyone is familiar with the notary stamp whether you have gone to a notary before or have held this commission for any length of time. However, the notary book is less popular but even more important and is required in every state even when they do not mandate the use of a stamp or seal. This book is where the individual documents every transaction that they have ever participated in with all the necessary information in case of an audit. When the commission is terminated due to death, end of term or other circumstances then this book is usually turned into the governing authority so that they can keep it on file. Make sure that you check your state’s rules regarding this.

What To Know Before Ordering Rhode Island Notary Supplies

It is ideal when a notary can purchase their Rhode Island notary record books, stamps, ink pads, embossing seals and other applicable items from reliable online vendors that will ship the order directly to their desired location.

Before finalizing your purchase you need to confirm that the stamp’s image is in accordance with state guidelines. Rhode Island does not actually mandate the use of these tools but it is encouraged as a recommendation. The image must contain the notary’s name exactly as it is on their certificate, “Notary Public” and “Rhode Island”. It is one of the more flexible state’s because other information such as the expiration date, commission number and county name are not specifically addressed but are considered standard format. Vendors are directed not to use the state seal on the image at all and if the stamp is used then it must be photographically reproducible which requires ink.

As a notary, you are given great authority and responsibility by the governing authority and it is important that you display professionalism and efficiency every time you act in this position. When you have the best tools in the industry to support then you can be sure that you will leave a solid impression every time!