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When You Are Appointed as a Notary Public in New York

Getting Started

Notaries in New York are sworn in and commissioned by the Secretary of State. Anyone applying for a notary public commission must submit a request form to the Division of Licensing Services along with $60 fee. The application includes a notarized oath of office. They are also required to have taken and passed the notary public examination.

Once commissioned, Notaries can be employed by banks, law offices and other institutions dealing in financial or real property transactions. Of course, they can work on their own anywhere in the state.


The laws in New York do not mandate the use of seals by notaries. When a seal is used, it must identify the notary public, their authority and jurisdiction. The only inscription required is the name of the notary along with the words ‘Notary Public for the State of New York’.

Notaries have to print, typewrite or stamp the information mentioned below in black ink beneath the signature whether a seal is used or not.

The information includes notary’s name, county where notary qualified for commission, the phrase ‘Notary Public State of New York’, commission expiration date and the official character numbers, if required. Multiple seal set-ups are available in New York with no set specifications so it is important to explore a vendor's inventory to find yourself the perfect tools.

After being commissioned, you will need to invest in notary supplies that will conform to state law and will work well with each use.

Functions that supplemental notarial stamps are used for in New York include taking affidavits and depositions; administering oaths and affirmations; certifying acknowledgments of written instruments as deeds, mortgages and powers of attorney, among others.

It is always helpful for notaries to keep a record book where they should note the documented they have notarized. When referring to any document that you notarized in the past, it becomes quite advantageous. Reputable companies will supply you record books along with the other supplies that include notary stamps, ink pads and more.