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Requirements for North Dakota Notary Stamps

Individuals who choose to become notaries in their state of residence are usually doing so because their job requires that function. This position requires a person to be focused, professional and able to follow the guidelines outlined by the governing authority regarding process, applicability and tools. The vendor you choose to shop with when ordering your notary supplies should be just as responsible and careful in the products that they provide.


North Dakota has stated that it is illegal for a vendor to sell customers a notary stamp that have not provided their state authorized notary certificate. This is a matter of protection for the state to keep fraudulent individuals from having notary seals and stamps and the manufacturer to ensure that they are only selling to authorized persons. There are several specific requirements regarding the image and notaries should remember that they must document all transactions in case of an audit with a notary journal.

North Dakota notary stamp specifications

North Dakota states that its state seal cannot be used in the image, and notary seals should be in a rubber stamp format in either a circular (1-5/8” diameter) or rectangular (7/8” x 2-5/8”) shape and must be used with ink to satisfy the standard that it be photographically reproducible. The notary’s name, “Notary Public”, “State of North Dakota” and the expiration date must be included although no direction is given for the commission number or county name.

The majority of vendors have already taken the time to research every state’s requirements to make things easier on their clients, but it is your responsibility to validate what information they have at the time of ordering is correct and true. Request a proof image before your stamp goes in to production just to make sure that you end up with a workable tool that conforms to all your state's standards.

Notary Supplies in North Dakota are easily available online through reliable vendors that market within this industry and most products are very affordable. When you get onto the vendor's site, you should be able to select your model type and then the state at which time you will be given format options to choose from based on the outlined requirements.