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Requirements For Delaware’s Various Notary Types

Types Of Notaries In Delaware

Becoming a notary in Delaware requires a little more attention to detail than most because this state has three different categories for this function! The state government takes this position very seriously and wants to ensure that the rules and regulations are met with precision and high quality by whomever is holding the office. Your seal or stamp should exhibit the same level of respect for the time you hold this title.

Delaware has a traditional notary, limited governmental notary and a notary for certain service organizations:

The first and last categories have the same rules and guidelines when it comes to the tools of the trade. The purpose of the notary for certain service organizations is to give special groups such as veterans, law enforcement and emergency personnel access to this benefit free of charge for their personal documentation.

A limited governmental notary has one distinct difference on their stamp. A governmental notary's stamp will expire upon the end of the individual's employment with the state.


The guidelines allow all of the notaries to use either a black-inked rubber stamp or embossing seal that can be reproduced when copied. This state is very specific on the wording so all images must contain the notary’s name as displayed on their documentation, “My Commission expires on (insert date)”, “Notary Public” and “State of Delaware.” This can make the stamp look very busy but to have any of this left off is to risk losing your position due to non-compliance. The limited government notary is required to have all of the same above information except that their expiration sentence reads as follows, “My Commission expires upon office.” This makes it clear that while they have the ability to perform this function, it expires as soon as they leave the position and cannot be taken with them to another location. Traditional notaries are not bound by this even if they obtain their title at the request of their employer as part of their job description.

Purchasing quality notary supplies from the right online manufacturer ensures that you have reliable tools and that every image will be clear and distinct when applied to professional and personal documentation. Don’t forget that all transactions must be recorded with certain information in case of an audit so you may want to check out inventory packages that will give you everything you need at a better price.

No matter what type of Delaware notary category you qualify for, it is important to carry this title with honor and respect so ensure that your stamp and seal support this every time you use them. Get online and order your sets today from a vendor that is reliable, affordable and delivers straight to your door!