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Purchase Tools and Supplies for Pennsylvania Notaries

To become a notary, regardless of the state, there is a process that must take place which includes training, payment of fee and obtaining the required insurance. Only once you have satisfied all of these requirements and the governing authority commissions you as a notary public, you will receive a certificate with your name and the expiration date along with the commission number. This is an important document because it is what gives the ability to perform the necessary functions and in some cases, allows you to purchase the tools you need to complete transactions.


You can easily find online vendors that manufacture the notary seals, stamps and other supplies that you will need and have your order sent directly to your location. However, it is important to note that some states mandate that the vendor must receive a copy of your certificate on file before your tools can be produced. It is in your best interest to have the original stored in a safe place and a copy on hand to prove your position. Your certificate will also contain important personalized details and commission ID information that you will need to provide the vendor so that they can create your unique stamp image.

When you place your order online for the stamp and other supplies, it is smart to ask for a proof image before it goes to production. This ensures that you will have one last look to verify that everything will appear correctly before it is produced and shipped to you. Your notary stamp image must be on every transaction you conduct as a notary. Many states suggest or even require their notaries to have their transactions recorded in a record book for future reference and audits. Quality vendors are always sure to have exactly what you need at an affordable cost and an image that will look crisp and professional every time it is used.


In Pennsylvania, the embossed notary seal is optional and can be used with a rectangular notary stamp. The stamp itself has several different required characteristics such as its size can be no bigger than 1” high by 3-1/2” wide with a plain border. Wording has to be placed in a specific order and format with “Notarial Seal”, name of the notary, “Notary Public”, name of the municipality, name of the notary’s county and the expiration date. It is recommended that “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania” be included at the top of the stamp just outside the border.