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Getting Notary Supplies in New Hampshire

Notary Regulations in New Hampshire

Applicants seeking to become a notary public must be a resident of New Hampshire. They must make a written statement whether they have ever been convicted of a crime that has not been annulled by a court, other than minor traffic violations. Two notaries and one registered voter in the state must endorse the application for appointment. The applicants are also required to complete a State Police Records form.

Typical Embossing Seal size in New Hampshire is 1­-5/8" as there are no shape requirements. Authorized notarial acts are acknowledgements, jurats, depositions, copy certifications, oaths and affirmations, witnessing or attesting signatures, and protests.

Like all other states in the US, New Hampshire requires that the notary supplies used in the state conform to these requirements. The vendor you are getting your supplies from must assure you of conforming to regulations. Finally, they should also act as a one stop resource for getting all the supplies that you require.

Notaries in the state of New Hampshire are required to use an ink stamp, or an embossing seal. It’s mandatory to have ‘Notary Public’ and ‘New Hampshire’ words. Moreover, the notary must use a separate rubber stamp mentioning the expiration date of the notary public.


When ordering notary supplies in New Hampshire, you must make sure you are getting them from a company that has earned a solid reputation for timely delivery and quality materials. They also must have a record of providing notary supplies that conform to state-specific laws.

Before placing your order, it is important that you take into account their track record. Reviewing the feedback posted by their customers before will provide you with the insights. Never use a vendor that has a history of cutting corners and not providing warranties or keeping up with ever-changing state notary laws. 

Although the law does not require notaries in New Hampshire to keep a journal of their notarial acts, it is recommended that you do. Keeping a notary book in New Hampshire will extremely helpful in the long run.