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Compliant Notary Supplies for Wisconsin

The notary public position is one of distinction and responsibility that has to be earned and paid for through the appropriate governing authority. These individuals are subject to audits and inspection which is why they are required to keep thorough records of their transactions in a notary book. This item is kept during the entire commission term and then, usually, turned in to the applicable agency for archiving and reference. These records protect you and the parties that you worked with due to the sensitive nature of the transactions.

You can order the notary book online along with the stamp, seal, ink and other accessories which makes it convenient and everything is delivered directly to your doorstep. You can order the items individually or check out the assortment of notary kits that the manufacturer offers which groups all the necessities together into a single purchase. This is more cost effective and ensures that you don’t forget everything the first time around. It is your responsibility to verify that the images, wording and format meet the state’s standards which means that you need to review these before you go to order.


Wisconsin permits the use of either the rubber inked stamp or the embossing seal as long as either or both images are visible on copies of the document. The wording must be adhered to and however you choose to display your name on the stamp becomes the way you must sign it on documents when performing your duties. The seal must contain your name with the last name fully spelled out accompanied by your initials or shortened first name along with “Notary Public” and “State of Wisconsin.” In some cases the vendor will require you to submit your certificate to verify that you have the authority to place this order so ensure that you have that on hand when you get to the website.

Ordering notary supplies online is very simple as the manufacturers have usually done most of the work for you already. You just need to enter in the personal information, submit supporting documentation if necessary and then it is always a good idea to ask for a proof image. This gives you the opportunity to validate the accuracy of the impression. When you work with a quality vendor the process is simple, easy and you know that your impression will leave its mark in a clear and perfect manner every time it is applied.