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Notary Seal Replacement Inserts

Notary Seal Replacement Inserts

Notary Seal Replacement Inserts, also sometimes known as clips, are the most cost effective and ideal way to update your notary information without breaking the bank. Our Notary Seal Replacement Inserts are designed to fit in your existing handle. It is absolutely vital that you identify the correct insert for your embosser as an incorrect insert may become bent due to an improper fit. Bent inserts are not covered by our Lifetime Warranty. 

If you are unsure which insert will work in your existing embosser handle, please Contact Us. We want to make sure your replacement notary clip will be compatible. 

Notary Clip Replacements

Has your name changed since you were commissioned last? Or has your commission expired? Some states require your expiration date to be on your embossing seal. Once your commission has expired, it is expected of you to purchase a new seal. We offer high quality replacement inserts for your embosser. We custom laser engrave your updated dies and delicately align and attach them to your new insert. With just a simple pinch and push, your new clip can be easily inserted in to your existing embosser.

  • Replacement inserts hand crafted out of durable chrome-plated nickel
  • Lifetime Warranty and customer service assistance
  • Your custom notary seal is guaranteed to be in accordance with your state specifications
  • Thoroughly inspected and tested before distribution
  • Heavy duty Delrin dies
  • Our team is sure to identify a compatible insert for you

We offer a lifetime warranty on all embossers and embosser parts. However, this warranty on inserts is voided if it becomes bent. The most common two ways an insert can become bent is either not be properly inserted or if the wrong insert improperly ordered. Please Contact Us if you are unsure which insert to purchase. We will work with you to decide which insert is compatible with your embosser.

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Is it time to update your notary seal?

Please do be aware that if you have not previously ordered your original embosser from Notary Supplies Online, then our replacement inserts may not fit your handle. We are committed to working with you to find either an insert that will fit for your existing handle, or if need be, a replacement embosser that will not only be economical but also appropriate for your job as a Notary Public. If you are unsure of what type of replacement insert you need, simply give us a call or send us an email. We are eager and experienced in helping you find exactly what you need.